Car rental Cyprus

When you decide to rent a car in Cyprus, you should know that they've got left-hand traffic there.

There are many car rental companies in Cyprus, so the conditions will be different depending on the company you choose.

Car insurance (whether it is provided or not, what type of insurance may be chosen), petrol (should you fill the tank when you return the car or not), credit card (do you need to have it or not to rent a car), time when you can return the car (for example, you can return it late in the evening, but the office is closed, so you return it next morning and pay +1 more day rent).

There are car rental companies close to hotels. That may mean that if you live in that hotel, you may be given a discount and certain bonuses - like the opportunity to return the car on reception. It's very convenient, when you don't want to pay an extra day rent when you return the car late in the evening and the office is closed.

One of such hotels is Mandalena Hotel Apartments. There is a car rental company next to it, which gives a discount to Mandalena's guests and its conditions are very flexible (it was like this in November, 2015).

All in all, it's better to compare some companies before choosing one, see the rental conditions, clear all questions connected with the insurance. And then enjoy your trip!

Bus № 711, 101, 102 timetable

Public transport in Cyprus is developed rather well and works according to timetable (at least those routes which I used). And if you suppose to use public transport you should find it.

You can take the printed timetable (it is very comfortably use it) in the buses or in the office OSEA, one of which is in Paralimni bus station of 101/102 route. Also you can get it from the website OSEA.

So, you've landed in the airport of Larnaca and you don't want to spend 60-70 euros to get to Protaras by taxi. I will overjoy you. There is a way to do it for only 3 euros using 2 buses (1,5 + 1,5). After getting your baggage don't forget to take free maps of Protaras region at Information desk, which is situated in front of baggage carousel. There is a lot of useful info there.

The first bus will bring you from the airport to Larnaca, station Phinicoudes (it is about 10 minutes from airport). How to find the bus station in the airport:

you've collected your baggage on the ground floor and gone through passport control, then you should go upstairs to the first floor by escalator and go to the second exit, on the left hand side you will see the bus station (perhaps with a bus, just in case ask the driver if you can get to Phinicoudes station);

When you arrive to Phinicoudes station you should walk backwards to another bus stop. It is about 400 metres away, from there you will go to Protaras by 711 bus. You can get to Ayia Napa by 711 bus also. You can read a little about this town here (it is interesting place too).

The route Larnaca - Protaras is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Very important NOTE: buses in Cyprus don't stop at stops by default, you should show that you want to board the bus (give a wave of the hand).

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