Lidl in Protaras Metro in Paralimni

Shops in Protaras...

Giftshops are at every step. Corner shops are met rather often. But if you need a large variety of different goods (I mean food) you should find LIDL in Protaras (1 in Protaras, 1 in Paralimni) and METRO in Paralimni.

If you need beach accessories or beach wear you can find it in the giftshops. There is a wide choice of beach headwear in Best Buy Supermarket.

Sometimes you need some household goods (for example a small lock for your baggage). I could find such a lock only in hardware shops in Protaras. Unfortunately, I don't remember where exactly they are, but both of them are on the even-numbered side of Kavo Greko Avenue somewhere between Flokkos Hotel and Narcissos Hotel Apartments.

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