Although the website is dedicated to Protaras I want to drop a line about Ayia Napa.

When it is low season in Cyprus (November-March), Protaras is rather lonely. Rare tourists and locals catch your eye at this period and most of giftshops, hotels and restaurants are closed (though some of them are open all year round).

By the way, the only pharmacy which I know in Protaras was closed in the beginning of November.

At this time of the year Ayia Napa looks more lively. There are more open giftshops and other tourist places.

November 2015

Ayia Napa harbour is an interesting and picturesque place. There are a lot of fishing boats, different touristic ships and yachts. It seems there is fish market early in the morning where fresh catch is sold.

A lot of seafood restaurants are situated around Ayia Napa harbour. I tried one of them, the food was so good that I returned there in a couple of days to try more of their dishes. It was Ocean Basket.

It serves seafood and sushi. It is situated in 1st October Street, No 15, Ayia Napa.

If you want to enjoy clean air and seaview, there are tables on the outside terrace. Trere is vast variety of dishes in the menu: fish, mussels, prawns, usually served with chips; different salads.

Ayia Napa harbour
Ayia Napa              
mussels in Ocean Basket
seafood in Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa harbour
Ayia Napa harbour
tuna salad in Ocean Basket
Ocean Basket in Ayia Napa

Some of my favourite dishes are tuna salad and mussels in cream sauce. The salad is topped with totally delicious seasoning, and as for the mussels, they are served in a small frying pan and are really praiseworthy.

The service is quick and all the waiters are friendly and helpful. The prices are quite low and you get 3 dip sauces and fresh bread for free with any order, which is nice.

It is surprising, though, that most seafood dishes are cooked from frozen ingredients, which doesn't apply to mussels and some types of fish.

It should also be noted that a lot of people go to this restaurant in peak season, so it might be a good idea to book a table in advance.

All in all, if you like seafood and decide to visit Ayia Napa, it will be great to have a meal at Ocean Basket.

Ayia Napa aqueduct
Ayia Napa aqueduct
Ficus Sycomorus in Ayia Napa Monastery
Ficus Sycomorus Ayia Napa

There are ancient sights in

Ayia Napa.

They are Roman aqueduct, Ayia Napa Monastery (about 14th century) with 600 year old Ficus Sycomorus tree.

Bus № 102 is Protaras - Ayia Napa and bus № 101 is Ayia Napa - Protaras. It is about 10 minutes to get to Ayia Napa from Protaras. You can read about public transport in Cyprus and timetable here.

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